About Resort Agrofarmstay

Resort Agrofarmstay is located in Durian Tunggal, Melaka under the management of Benteng Kerjaya Sdn Bhd. Nestled on a 30-acre terrain featuring both hills and flat lands, the resort is enveloped by agricultural landscapes and lush greenery, offering an ideal setting for relaxation and various activities like physical training, fitness (obstacle and water confidence), camping, motivational camps, and more.

Situated approximately 7 kilometres or a 15-minute drive from Durian Tunggal town, our resort provides an array of facilities. These include an open hall capable of hosting up to 250 individuals and an indoor hall for 120 people, dining halls, 4 villas (can accommodate 11 – 20 people), twin-sharing rooms, rooms accommodating up to 6 people, chalet (for students), karaoke lounge, swimming pool, catering services, audio-visual equipment, and facilities to support vigorous activities.