Recreational Facilities

These are the facilities available in the resort.
Children’s Playground
The playground here is a vibrant and joyous space filled with colorful equipment and the sound of children's laughter. We have a set for the more adventurous children while another colourful set for toddlers. Nestled at one corner is an adult trampoline. We hope that children will explore, play, and create lasting memories in this inviting environment.
For the fishing enthusiasts , do bring your fishing rod. Enjoy your fishing for a small fee.
Playing Field
Explore our extensive green spaces perfect for hosting your family or corporate fun activities. Enjoy the vast outdoor areas tailored for a variety of recreational events, creating memorable moments for everyone. Whether it's team-building exercises, picnics, or games, our lush surroundings provide the ideal backdrop for a range of engaging and enjoyable activities.
Each villa comes equipped with its own BBQ pit, and additional ones are available in common areas. Guests are encouraged to make use of these facilities, and for a nominal fee, we can provide charcoal and BBQ utensils to enhance your outdoor culinary experience.
Herb Garden
Our herb garden showcase a variety traditional herbs and spices used for cooking and healing purposes. They include pudina, kadok, sireh merah, misai kucing snake grass/belalai gajah, mahkota dewa, mas cotet, gandarusa, gingseng jawa and puding belacan.
Pet House
Make sure to check out our Pet House if you're an animal enthusiast or have children! Experience the delightful connection with our animals and feel their joy. Meet hens, ducks, birds, goats, chicks, and our friendly horse, Bujang.
Dining Hall
Indulge in our catering services within the inviting air-conditioned dining hall, accommodating up to 120 guests. Whether it's a special occasion or a corporate gathering, allow us to handle the details, ensuring you can fully enjoy the moments that matter.
Karaoke Room
Sing your heart out in our cozy and intimate lounge with fully digital and touch screen karaoke system. Can accommodate up to 15 pax. Hourly charges apply.
Swimming Pool
The best thing about Agrofarmstay is the big swimming pool. There's a pool for grown-ups and two smaller ones for kids. Just remember to wear the right swimming clothes when you go for a swim.